Megan brings such a comfortable, supportive, motivating and accepting energy to each class. She has created such an incredible space for individual growth and connection. I finish each class feeling more positive and capable! I am a healthier, better version of myself thanks to doing the work within the (group) sessions.

Maureen Newman

Mom, Wife, Colleague, Friend

As a driven professional and mom, Megan’s program was worth prioritizing in my already-full schedule. It was the self-care and motivation I needed to jump start a new postpartum relationship with my body that embraces how I’ve changed and empowers me to see what I can do now. I’ve always been an athlete but Megan’s program offered me new exercises that felt safe and catered to my body while still being a challenge. But it wasn’t just a workout class, it was joining a community of other driven women that retrained me to prioritize the things I need and feel empowered in my daily life. Megan’s energy is contagious and she cultivates a community of positive, supportive, and strong women within her program that you keep with you when you’re done. Megan puts her heart and soul into her work and offers far more value to her clients than just the workouts. Taking her program was taking a step to prioritize me, and I’m so glad I did.

Taylor Kittell

Mom, attorney, Small business owner

Megan shows up everyday to help you find your best self. Her workouts are intentional, organized, engaging, and offer various levels of intensity to meet your needs and goals. She keeps you motivated for the full workout with encouragement and strategies to boost your own positive self-talk and actions. She is a selfless leader, constantly pouring out her energy to help others achieve success. She will be right alongside you celebrating the wins and working through the tough times. Megan cares deeply about everyone she interacts with and has a special way of helping others build confidence and feel valued. Whether you are new to motherhood or further along on your journey, Megan will make you feel welcome and integrate you into a wonderful community of supportive women.

Kate Ramsay

Wife, mother, pharmacist, & family adventure seeker

The Coaching is so supportive and positive at all times. I love that even after participating in multiple past sessions I still come away with new perspectives on my health and new habits every time!

Jessica Jacobson

Working mom of 3 tweens


I have known Megan in various capacities for 17 years! She is a devoted friend, an aspirational teammate, and a genuine coach to me. Megan empowers and inspires me to live a life of strength, consistency, and wellness.  

She challenges, coaches, and cheers me on to be the best version of myself. Whether I need an extra pep in my step, or am celebrating a milestone – Megan’s energy, helpful texts, or cards in the mail always deliver.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s day 1, or day 10,001 of working with Megan. Here’s what you can count on:

She will renew your belief in yourself, by consistently checking in with your goals, and tailoring programs and content that speak to you in your present life stage.

Megan will engage with you personally and meet you where you are – no matter where you are in your life. She’s a personal cheerleader and accountability partner for my goals – deftly knowing when to challenge me, and also when to give me space.

She is a fervent supporter of women and building communities where we can create authentic connections and author the most daring stories of our lives. 

Her curiosity keeps her at the peak in her industry – always seeking to better herself and her offerings through training, experiences and self-reflection.  I highly recommend her and deeply believe in the enormous impact she has made in my life!

Angie Plitch

Wellness worshipper, mom, partner, daughter, friend