One-on-One Coaching

Megan’s one-on-one wellness coaching and personal training are available both in-person and virtually.

Not quite sure where to start? Feeling like you are floundering or wanting to feel more in control of your life? Nervous to dive into a group program? Wanting a more tailored fitness program?

Megan specializes in helping busy women identify the areas in their life they are looking to improve (body, mind, and everyday life!) and will help you set goals, shift your mindset, create a plan, and work with you to develop sustainable habits that will help lead you to be the woman you are wanting to become.

Please fill out the inquiry below and you’ll hear from Megan shortly.

Megan helps me set attainable goals, supports my progress, and holds me accountable.

Marianne Walters

Megan's support is genuine, real, and so very motivating. I really appreciate her understanding nature and flexibility.
Elizabeth Monnig