1:1 Wellness Coaching

Most women know what they “should” do to obtain optimal health and well-being, and the reality of it is, as busy women, we are constantly being stretched to our max with all the roles we play, that we often put ourselves last.

Individual coaching includes a collaborative partnership to help you work towards your health and wellness goals. 

Megan is passionate about helping busy women identify the areas of their life they are looking to improve (body, mind & everyday life) and will help you set goals, work through obstacles, shift your mindset, create a plan, and use your strengths to develop sustainable habits so you can feel great and live your best life.  

Maybe you are thinking:

  • I want to feel less overwhelmed
  • I’ve tried things in the past and keep coming back to old habits.
  • I know I want to change “x” but don’t know where to start
  • I need someone to hold me accountable

 Megan offers individual 1-1 coaching sessions and packages to help you feel empowered and work towards becoming your best self.

If you are ready to prioritize YOU for once and for all, and want to learn more and see if wellness coaching is a good fit for you, please fill out the quick interest form below. 

MOMENTUM8 Self-Guided Course

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • Why does it feel so hard to get back on track?
  • I know what I’m supposed to do, why don’t I just do it?
  • Why can’t I just stick with healthy habits longer than a few weeks or months?

I know that figuring out how to make healthy habits stick can feel challenging and even overwhelming…especially when you’re trying to juggle life, family, work and everything else that matters to you….

Work towards optimal habits, learn my four foundational mindset tools, and take small steps towards big results.  

Momentum8 will be a self-guided course….soon!  Keep posted!


We understand schedules can be tough, now you can catch it at your own time by clicking the link below.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Generally know what you need to do for your optimal health but have trouble getting started
  • Are having trouble with consistency
  • Believe you know what you need to do but are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Come together for an hour where I’ll help you: 

  • Understand the 5 Reset Habits to get you back on track
  • Create your personalized Reset Plan (it’s all in the workbook you get when you register).
  • Learn the reason why some women ultimately succeed at reaching their goals (long-term) and why some women continually struggle.
  • Uncover the *Missing Link* that most fitness or diet plans don’t teach you.
  • Discover how to keep your momentum to end your struggle with self-motivation and quit the self-sabotage.


One of the greatest pieces of wellness that is overlooked is the affect our overall mindset can have.  


  1. Discover your Thinking Habits and their impact on your actions, habits and outcomes.
  2. Overcome the Dieter Mindset so you make healthier choices simply and consistently.
  3. Practice simple-but-powerful exercises so you can balance healthy habits with demands of everyday life
  • 30 days of the Daily Mindset Minute including proven strategies to change your thinking and stress habits
  • MyCoach App access to access content and coaching from Megan
  • Self-guided journal 
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