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Megan’s passion is empowering women to be the best version of themselves. As a busy mom of three, she is just like you, managing all the things, navigating between the many roles, all while working to keep her wellness at her forefront.

Along with helping women prioritize the most basic self-care (movement, fueling & the mind-body connection) she strongly believes that incorporating joy, gratitude and FUN is not only doable but needed to thrive.

With over ten years in the fitness industry and formal training in special education, Megan combines her love for fitness, coaching, and education into one. You can expect Megan to bring her authentic self (including her endless energy) to every class, coaching session, and community event.

When she’s not in work mode, Megan enjoys running-for-fun with girlfriends (always ending at a coffee shop) and any type of outdoor activity fuels her.  After living life in fast mode for decades, she has recently learned she enjoys lazy days at home with her family and there’s nothing better than a board game with dinner or a family movie. 

Megan has a huge interest in not only finding the best matcha latte in town but also in perfecting her own at home. She enjoys volunteering at her children’s schools and exploring the pacific northwest.  As an east-coast native, she still is blown away with the view of snow-capped mountains.

Megan strongly believes in the power of community and will forever be committed to bringing women together.  It is only when we support one another that we can change the world for the better. 

Megan is an advocate for mental health and is involved with fundraising and advocacy work with the Portland chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  She recently began her anti-racist journey, diving deep into learning & un-learning, conversation and working to take action to help dismantle racism and white supremacy.   She began a monthly diversity book club that meets virtually the 2nd Wednesday of each month and welcomes anyone interested to join.

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