I am more than just ________.

My Story: I am more than just fitness.

Over the past several years I’ve been working to shift the story in my head.  My story.  Who I am.  Both as an individual, as well as well the work I do helping women be their best selves.

No, I wouldn’t say I’ve completely changed as a person, but I’ve reached this season in life where I do feel like I’ve matured some, finally, and am  continually learning a lot both about myself and  the work I do with clients. 

Like most human beings though, I am a creature of habit.  If I find something serves me, for the good or bad, I will resist change and want to stick with it FOREVER, because, let’s be real, CHANGE IS HARD.  

I see the resistance to change in my own life:

  • In GOOD ways such as:
    •  having an established morning routine, it works, I do it every day.
    • prioritizing exercise has been a non-negotiable
    • and living with a “cup is half full” type of mentality


  • In NOT-SO-GOOD ways such as:
    • a lasting habit of scrolling social media in bed each night
    • thoughts telling me I am not enough or must do more
    • and spending way too much money at Starbucks and other coffee/matcha spots

No matter who you talk to, I think 99% of people would confirm CHANGE IS HARD.

Change is hard.

Naturally our brains are wired to protect us — protect us from the unknown, protect us from danger, protect us from change.

At the start of the year I began this blog and titled it “All I Know So Far.”  I began to recognize that growth is part of life.  I will continue learning.  I will continue changing.  I will continue growing.  Heck, I will continue aging as well.  Change is inevitable.  I also knew, in my life, change was needed.  

As I’ve worked to define my vision and ensure the business I am building serves both me and my clients, change has been hard.  It has been slow.  But it is happening.  

When I rebranded my business as ME (Megan Caldwell Fitness & Coaching), one of the first things I did was schedule a photoshoot with my favorite photographer, Lindsay, of Stark Photography.   Thankfully Lindsay has a way of helping me feel comfortable, and really bring out my personality and vision.  Didn’t the photos turn out AMAZING?! 

Now can we talk for a minute about HOW UNCOMFORTABLE I was during the “real clothes” portion of this photo shoot?? I may not show it, I’ve always been told I’m “photogenic,” but on the inside I was feeling like an imposter — make up, “real” clothes, non-fitness poses.  A burgundy turtle neck, “trendy” jeans (yes, I even hired a stylist) and booties with heels were worn.  I was SO far outside my comfort zone in my “normal” tights, sneakers and a tank top.  Fitness was how I had served women for the past ten years.  I also felt like something was evolving.

I knew after spending more than a decade in the fitness industry, I finally recognized my approach in helping women find true wellness, and work towards their best selves, is MORE than just fitness and nutrition.  Real clothes were needed to help me shift my mindset about the work I wanted to do.  

Putting on real clothes allowed me to accept helping women be their best selves is more than just fitness and nutrition.

Here’s the thing, I’ve helped hundreds of women “see results” in short periods of time (ie: drop 10 pounds, run faster, lose inches..) AND then come back a few months later asking me when my next session is or when my next challenge is. It became a cycle.  

A cycle of progress and then dips.  Seeing results and then returning to old patterns.  

Striving and depriving, never fully thriving in the long game.  Never making true, meaningful change.   

I questioned, was I helping or hurting? 

Over the past few years I've finally realized what the MISSING LINK is:

We MUST go to the foundation and work to change our MINDSET and HABITS in order to create lasting change, in order to truly be and feel like our best selves, consistently over time.   It is more than just calories in and calories out, it is about working to change the story in our head, it is about working to change our behaviors, so we can live our fullest life and feel confident in the one body we have been gifted.   

I must help women to be leaders in their own wellness journey, starting with the foundation of Mindset and Habits.  Until there is progress made here, we will fall back into the patterns we are so desperately trying to avoid.

After years of thinking fitness was the magic wand to personal change, that fitness was the only thing that would define me as a professional, it time to move forward. 

So, the journey continues..and you are invited

This is why I’m starting monthly EmPower Hour workshops — time carved out each month to focus on our habits, mindset and taking charge of our own wellness.  

On June 20th from 8-9PM, I am hosting a Habit Reset Workshop specifically designed for busy women who want to finally make their health a priority (but without overwhelming plans and programs)

In this workshop, I’ll teach you:

  • The ONE powerful question to ask yourself that will end your struggle with self-motivation.
  • How to defeat your “Dieter Mindset” (the thing that you may not realize is sabotaging your goals)
  • 5 simple habits you can focus on (instead of complicated food and exercise plans) so you can finally feel in control of your health  

By the end of this interactive workshop, you will have your personalized Habit Reset Plan to kickstart the momentum you need to conquer every one of your 2022 goals!  I’d love to invite you to join!


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