New Year, SAME ME.

This past year I’ve been called to write. I think it’s the transition

The transition.

The transition into a new career. The transition to a home we love. The transition to true support and partnership between my husband and I. The transition to accepting I want to run a kick-ass business, not just a passion project. The transition to all three of my babies being more independent, and therefore a season where I have time to get to know ME again.  The transition to truly coming to terms with who I am, recognizing the gifts I have AND the transition to being in touch with, and excited, for who I am working to become. 



It’s a new year, yes there have been lots of transitions, AND I am the same me.  I did not wake up a brand new person. I still carry all the same quirkiness, passion, insecurities and energy as I have in the past. 


I am writing for me, but also with hopes some of my story, some of my learnings, resonates with you and can help us all recognize we are not alone. Together we are stronger.

The blog..

I googled BLOG to see how to do this. Did you know blog stands for web log?Yeah, me either.


Anyways, I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my writing with you all on my Instagram and Facebook posts the past several months and have realized the number of times I’ve had to copy/paste IG text to a word doc to see how many words I have written (and ultimately how many words I am over) has helped me see I have more to share than in my IG feed. 


In case you were wondering, IG posts don’t use a word count, it’s a character count, and you can only have 2200 characters, including spaces.


So here we are. 



I’ve always considered writing “hard,” struggling to find the “right” words.  I write how I talk — often in circles, on repeat, sometimes in a jumble without the right words. Truth be told, I’ve learned the past few years, that writing has become one of the only places to sort out some of the mess (and amazingness) that happens between my own two ears. (The second place being word jumble conversations with my therapist, coach, husband and close girlfriends.)  If it helps me sort out the scramble going on inside my brain, why not do it? And if even just one person can relate or take something from a post, I mean blog, that’s worth it.  Better yet, even if NO ONE reads what I have to write, it’s still a win for me.  🙂 


New Year. Same Me.

Thank you, G, for inspiring the title for this first blog post. Don’t know my friend, Glennon, you can go listen to the podcast that helped title this first blog here.


I’m titling this blog “All I Know So Far” blog. Do know you where this inspiration came from??! Yup, you got it! The one and only most amazing bad-ass working-mom P!nk. I strive to be a confident, kick-ass working mom who works to navigate managing all the roles of being a working mom, while being authentic about who I really am.


My vision for the blog is to include lessons I’m learning..

–As I work to be the leader in my own life (thanks Abby Wambach for your lessons in Wolfpack)

–As I work to Untame my inner cheetah (yes, that shoutout is to you again, G)

–As I work to improve my own habits (two who inspire me in this moment are Mel Robbins and James Clear

–And as I work to embrace my own Gifts of Imperfection, work towards whole-hearted living and being more truthful and vulnerable with who I am and who I am working to become (thank you Brene Brown!)


I think blogging can help me continue the work to raise kind humans and strengthen connections not only with and between those around me (including you!), but also create a deeper connection with myself. 




I'm ready, are you ready??

If you know me, I like rules, guidelines and structure, so here are a few guidelines I’ve created for this blog.

  • Be my most authentic self

  • Write about topics that not only speak to me, but allow me to feel.

  • Write about topics that I hope provide some insight, resources and connection on how we, as busy women, can slow down, identify our needs, manage our stress, ask for what we need and prioritize ourselves.

  • Take time to express my thoughts without spending hours writing and re-writing, constantly editing, and working towards the “perfect” version.


As we enter 2022, here are my questions for you to consider:

  • What do you know so far?
  • What gifts do you possess?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • AND what will you do this year to help get yourself one step closer to that person?


Answer it for yourself, share below if you feel inclined, and if you ever need an ear to listen (or eyes to read) I’m here for you.


Happy new year, friends!

13 thoughts on “New Year, SAME ME.

  1. Deb Reply

    Congrats on this strong start to the new year!! Branching out past your comfort zone and sharing more of your awesomeness 🙂 Looking forward to reading more post from you!

  2. emsheary Reply

    Well said Megs! Here’s to a new year with so many new things and yet continuing to hold on to the things that truly matter. Love to you!

  3. Taylor Reply

    This is wonderful Megan! I find writing to be so helpful in sorting out the stuff between my ears too, and you are brave to put it out there and share with the rest of us. Keep up the great work through this transition!

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  5. Natalie Reply

    Thank you, Megan! You continue to be such an inspiration to me and I’m thrilled to be with you on this journey!

  6. Karen Betz Reply

    Just read this… I am so proud of you & excited for this journey. Lean on your friends when needed, yes that includes new friends. You so have this.

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